Low noise crusher (high speed)

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Extra options:

If the regrind has to be blown away, a blower and dust collector will have to be added.

An extra set of hardened blades for continuity of the grinding process.

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The low noise crusher is suitable for crushing various types of plastic products, including sprues. The structure is compact for easy operation, cleaning and maintenance. Due to the insulated housing, the noise level is relatively low.

To crush glass-filled and other hard plastics, the crusher is standard equipped with hardened blades. In addition to the crusher, a blower and dust separator can optionally be installed, which can transport the regrind. To guarantee the continuity of the crushing process, it is possible to order an extra set of blades.

Equipped with:

  • CE.
  • High speed motor.
  • Lockable door for accessibility for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Start and stop button.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Mal-function lamp.
  • Insulation for a relatively low noise level.