Transducer without piston rod

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HYPERWAVE position sensors with magnetostrictive technology enable the measurement of the position and displacement of moving mechanical parts.

Thanks to the magnetostrictive technology, the primary element detects the position without mechanical contact, eliminating wear and use-related problems.

Extremely versatile and available with different strokes, both with profile mechanism for external mounting and with rod mechanism for installation in a cylinder, these sensors are the ideal solution for: position measurements in the most diverse applications.

Equipped with:

  • The transducer has been improved to ensure greater reliability in all conditions.
  • Mechanical coupling with backlash hinge, M5 thread.
  • Installation is made easier by the absence of variation in the electrical signal in the output, beyond the theoretical electrical stroke.
  • The new grooves offer an excellent alternative to the usual bracket fastening system.
  • Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses, vertical presses and many other processes.
  • Degree of protection IP40.