Transducer with piston rod

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Sensors with potentiometric technology are mostly used in the industrial or geotechnical world for measuring linear or angular displacement and they allow the detection of the stroke, i.e. the position, even in the absence of force.

Available in different models, characterized by different mechanical designs to allow installation on different types of machines.

Equipped with:

  • The transducer has been improved to ensure greater reliability in all conditions.
  • A sturdier structure makes the LT Series even stronger for heavy-vibration applications.
  • Installation is made easier by the absence of variation in the electrical signal in the output, beyond the theoretical electrical stroke.
  • The new grooves offer an excellent alternative to the usual bracket fastening system.
  • Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses, vertical presses and many other processing machines.


The LT is fully compatible with the LTC, but has better performance.