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A good injection moulded product and a reliable production process start with the development of the mould. The base for this lies in the part design, which has been established by you or in consultation with Hacoplast. Hacoplast will indicate by means of a DFM (Design For Manufacturing) where the possible bottlenecks are and how the product can be adjusted.

After the design is final, the so-called “design freeze”, the design of the mould will start. As soon as the mould design has been released in consultation with you, we start manufacturing the mould.

Through years of experience with various tool makers in China, Hacoplast can have high-quality moulds made under supervision of mould experts. They provide project management, monitor the planning and report to you every two weeks.

Trials are supervised in China and you will receive trial samples for approval. After the products have been approved, Hacoplast will take care of the transport. This is how you will be relieved in your daily work.