Filter nozzle

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Filter nozzles are essential when processing regrind or recycled material. The filter removes contaminants from the melt during injection. It also prevents shutting small sprues or hot runners. A side effect of a filter is better mixing of the melt. The filters are available in two variants, a split filter or a mesh filter.

The most economical solution is the split filter. The fine mesh filter has more and smaller holes. Both can be used for most thermoplastics with regular injection rates. (Not suitable for PVC)



  • Easy, quick to clean.
  • Reducing cycle time.
  • Minimal pressure drop.
  • Compact design.
  • Can be combined with shut off nozzles.



  • Clean regularly with contaminated material.
  • More time needed for color change.


The filter nozzles are available in various sizes and are supplied with heater band and built-in thermocouple type J. Please contact us and ask for more information.