5-axis robot (double gripper)

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The Samfacc, 3- or 5 axis robots with double grippers are suitable for injection moulding machines with a clamping force from 80 tons up to approximately 3500 tons and could be used for the insertion of foils or inserts. The robots are equipped with Mitsubishi servo motors and double guided axes for high reliability, stability and accurate deposit positions. The easy to program controllers are supplied with Dutch, French or German language.


Equipped with:

  • AC Servo driver X, Y en Z-axis.
  • Pneumatic C-axis.
  • Double guided axles.
  • Two vacuum and two compressed air circuits as standard
  • Controller with Dutch, German and French language.
  • Euromap 67 plug connection
  • Euromap 18 adapter.
  • CE-mark.


Additional options:

  • Pneumatic or servo driven A and/or B axis.
  • Additional vacuum and compressed air circuits.